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Construction Cofferdam

Client: Falkirk Council
Contractor: Dew Piling Ltd

As part of the Bo’ness Foreshore Flood Prevention Scheme, Lagan Construction were required to form a new sill across the tidal mouth of the old Bo’ness harbour basin.  The existing lock gate and sill are listed historical structures and no positive fixing was allowed to any of the existing fabric for temporary works.  Given these criteria, with a design water head of 9m and a clear span of 15.5m, the working cofferdam became a tricky assembly. This was especially the case with the presence of up to three metres of fluid tidal mud and silt in the bottom of the excavation.

Two existing stop-lock grooves in the original structure were brought into action and horizontal pressure plates bearing onto the flank walls of the original lock were faced with marine ply to mitigate damage.

R. G. Parkins & Partners Ltd were commissioned to prepare a design for the cofferdam along with a detailed Method Statement for assembly and disassembly during construction of the permanent works.

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