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Bart Lake, Alaska

Lake Dorothy and Bart Lake are approximately 16 miles Southeast of Juneau, on the east shore of Taku Inlet, Alaska.

The Lake Dorothy Project involves abstracting water from the elevated lake, and running it via Lieuy Lake and Bart Lake, to a turbine in a powerhouse on the Taku Inlet. Construction at Lake Dorothy, about 4 miles up Taku Inlet, started in 2006. The 14MW hydropower generating station came on line in August 2009, adding to Juneau's supply of clean energy.

The scheme abstracts water from Lake Dorothy and Bart Lake. Lake Dorothy naturally spills over onto Lieuy Lake, which flows down to Bart Lake.

A 6m high dam has been constructed at Bart Lake to allow all the water to run through into the penstock. The penstock is partly an above-ground conduit and partly in a rock tunnel and is approximately 2.5km long and 1.5m in diameter. This leads to the powerhouse at approximately sea level, on the Taku Inlet. This houses a 6 jet horizontal 14.3MW Pelton impulse-type turbine, manufactured and installed by Gilkes of Kendal. From here, water discharges via a 30-40m long tailrace into Taku Inlet.

Transmission lines connect Lake Dorothy's powerhouse to the existing transmission lines leading from the Snettisham Hydro Project and then to the town of Juneau.

Inter Hydro Technology and R G Parkins & Partners Ltd were commissioned to design the substructure, including reinforced concrete of the foundations for the turbine and generator, as well as the tailrace to the lake outfall.

Construction constraints required the foundations of the large steel framed powerhouse building to be constructed in advance. This provided weather protection and cranage for the completion of the machinery foundations and installation of the turbine, generator and control equipment.

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