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Killybegs Harbour, Republic of Ireland

The works were located at Killybegs Harbour in the Republic of Ireland. The contract originally comprised of the refurbishment of the steel piles of both the Landing Pier (229 piles) and the Blackrock Pier (80 Piles). The piles were in an advanced state of corrosion, such that their structural integrity was in danger of being compromised. Accelerated low water corrosion was considered to be the main cause.

The construction brief was two-fold: To restore structural integrity to all corroded piles, and protect the piles against further corrosion between the deck soffit and the seabed.

R G Parkins & Partners Ltd were retained by the main contractor to develop an alternative system of strengthening to the clients’ welded plate repairs. A system of split steel tubes, galvanised for corrosion protection and grouted into place in-situ was developed. Full load transfer was enabled by designing a specific transfer length for each type of existing pile and grout bond strength was established by the use of small scale tests. Final verification of the system was proven by full-scale load tests on a purpose made test rig.

Assembly of the system on site was monitored, and working methods improved and developed, enabling the project to complete within budget and programme constraints.

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