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Assembly Rooms Lancaster

The Assembly Rooms are situated in the heart of Lancaster on busy King Street and completely enclosed by other adjacent and adjoining properties. The ground floor of the building serves as a very public market space for retail use and at first floor the space is regularly used by a dance group.

Following a comprehensive condition survey of the building, works were identified as necessary to restrain the substantial gable wall which had moved laterally and vertically. This resulted in the loss of support to some of the roof and ceilings and was potentially dangerous to the many and varied occupants.

R G Parkins & Partners Ltd were commissioned by Lancaster City Council to undertake the condition surveys and then to design remedial works which included installation of ties and underpinning of the traditional load bearing masonry building. Procurement of contractors was traditional and R G Parkins & Partners Ltd were retained to project manage the works.

Under a separate appointment CDM Co-ordinator services were also commissioned as a result of the very public environment, proximity of public footpath and highway and also the boundary proximity of adjacent owners. This made site manipulation very difficult.

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