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Confucius Institute

R. G. Parkins & Partners Ltd were appointed by Lancaster University to act as CDM Co-ordinator for alterations to the Confucius Institute Roundhouse and the upgrading of mechanical and electrical elements on ground and first floors. Existing glazing was replaced and an external canopy erected.

The project included major structural intervention with removal of large sections of load bearing wall. Large steel beams and columns were required to enable the creation of a large open space.

Large steel beams and columns were required to enable the creation of a large open space. There were major works to services and this included a section of confined space working in the universities underground services ducts. Special consideration had to be given to this section of works in both pre-construction and construction phase health and safety documents.

Construction on a live campus with students and staff moving around widely brings its own challenges outside of the actual construction site, but needs careful consdieration when large sections of steel are brought in, or other materials deliveries are occurring to service the project

CDM issues addressed were:
  • Ensuring all Designers competence checks were up-to date and acceptable to the Client.
  • Ensuring an Engineer was appointed to appraise any major structural issues prior to detailed design occurring. Temporary works were to be considered to ensure safe working procedures.
  • Production of Pre-Construction Health and Safety Information Pack which included standard forms and procedures to ensure that the appointed Contactor understood and worked within the University’s health and safety regime.
  • Ensuring the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan was acceptable and Risk Assessments and Method Statements were submitted and implemented. Also ensuring that temporary works design was considered and executed.
  • Dealing with asbestos found in the building at an early stage, and ensuring removal and testing was properly managed and recorded.
  • Paying particular attention to planning, phasing and execution of the extensive works in all health and safety documents.
  • R. G. Parkins & Partners Ltd produced a final Health and Safety File on completion of the works which was formatted to comply with Lancaster University’s requirements. The works were undertaken to completion in a safe and workmanlike manner despite considerable time pressure from commencement.

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