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Little taster video for Lowwood hydro installation...

Low Wood Hydro preview from R G Parkins/IHT on Vimeo.

This is a scheme in the the south of Cumbria at the site of a former hydro installation on the River Leven, which flows out of Lake Windermere.

The scheme has been completely re-designed to include a new intake with new sluice gates, a refurbished leat which takes water from the weir on the river to the powerhouse, a new powerhouse and tailrace.

The two Archimedean screw turbines are being fabricated by Spaans Babcock in Holland and are due to be delivered to site in September 2011.

Some facts and figures:

Turbine cost is circa £650,000.
Civils cost is circa £500,000.
Total project cost will be circa £1.3M.
Annual power is expected to be 1,946MWh.
Peak power is expected to be 213kW for each machine, 426kW total.
Design flow is 4,000l/s for each machine, 8,000l/s total.

Published: 22/07/2011

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