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Civil Engineering

"Extensive expertise in design and construction for our built environment" Civil Engineering is one of the core services offered by R G Parkins & Partners Ltd. Our practice is able to offer a complete range of design services, supported by a wealth of in-house experience derived from many previous projects.

We have extensive experience in highway and pavement design, from lightly trafficked housing estate roads to major highways, industrial estate roads, and heavily trafficked HGV areas such as trailer parks and container hardstandings at seaports.

Bridges have regularly featured in our portfolio of civil engineering projects, in the form of highway bridges and abutments; footbridges; culverts and underpasses. We have also prepared load assessment and repair schemes for bridges ranging from masonry arches to those damaged by vehicular impact on motorways and other roads.

Drainage is a further discipline, where we have particular expertise. With the prospect of climate change emphasised by recent flooding events within the UK and Europe, surface water schemes require careful consideration and rigorous design to meet the stringent requirements of the water authorities, the planners and the Environment Agency.Sustainable urban drainage system design is therefore a key skill which we offer to clients to properly manage surface water in the modern environment. Designs often include porous pavements, swales, and storage systems (both above and below ground).We also undertake the design of foul water systems to meet water authority adoption requirements.

In association with our role as structural engineers, we have significant experience in the specialist geotechnical design of deep/heavy duty foundations, retaining structures in the form of reinforced earth, reinforced concrete and sheet piles. Sheet piled structures are often used within commercial buildings to form underground car parking, and to provide load transfer from the superstructure to the founding strata beneath. Significant temporary works of sheet piling are also used within the water industry, and maritime environment to enable the progress of more conventional structures.

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