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Flood Risk Assessments

By understanding the flood risk, our team can propose appropriate practical mitigation measures to ensure your scheme is protected and viable.

A detailed understanding of the flood risk will enable our expert team to propose the right solutions to mitigate your risk and protect your land, scheme or property.


Flood Risk Assessments are mandatory for developments in flood zones 2 and 3 and for developments exceeding 1 hectare in area.

However, we recommend a Flood Risk Assessment as part of the initial feasibility planning for any size of residential or commercial development.

A flood risk assessment will consider:

  • Potential sources of flooding – including surface and ground water flooding
  • Flooding from reservoirs and artificial surfaces
  • Ways to mitigate the flood risk
  • Insurance implications

Insurance and flood risk

We regularly work with clients to challenge the Environment Agency flood maps which judge whether a property is at risk of flooding.  The large-scale maps can misrepresent the flood risk for an individual property resulting in increased property or home insurance costs.

Our technical capability and experience can provide detailed calculations and accurate site specific flood maps which show that the maps used by insurers are incorrect.   This information can be used to reduce your insurance premiums, gain planning permission or help to mitigate damage should a flood occur.

The cost of a flood study varies depending on the nature of the flood risk and whether hydraulic calculations or mapping is needed.  We can tell you whether the cost is worthwhile from an initial assessment.

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